Welcome to
The Count of Flanders
The Independant International Character Bouvier Organization

A Historic Word…

Dear reader, dear friend,

This is a historic moment. The Count of Flanders is born. How did it all begin?

Some Bouvier lovers and real friends visited each other from time to time. Together they visited competitions. Walks and parties are organised. The friendship became bigger and bigger. It “matched”.

There is disappointment in what a lot of bouviers show on the field. Discussions with the show world become harder and harder. The people of working lines feel alone and damned. They realise that the “Wise Darer”- historic cultural property of Flanders- is in danger.  They had enough of the talks of so called “beauty & temperament “breeders. They get sick of the lies.  During long evenings & nights, the Working Friends come together to discuss things.

These men & women decide during a party of  “Rubber Robby” (Bram Anouska v’t Heukske) that the bullet has to go “through the church”: The COUNT OF FLANDERS is born. Addresses were searched  and found. Invitations were send.  The reactions were fabulous. It became a success.

Thanks to you, this all has became true. The forces are now unioned: let’s keep it that way. This is not evident in the dog-world.

The Count of Flanders (COF) , is a house with many rooms. Fortunately! Here you find sympathisants of  KNPV (Dutch Police dogs), IPO, Police dog Brigades, French Ring, Mondio Ring, ….all disciplines possible. But also people who want their dog as home and family protector. The basis – the fundamentals- of the house is formed by the Old Working Lines of our Bouviers. The cement of the house is the friendship and the mutual respect!

The house we’re building is also YOUR HOUSE. By being member of the Count, you did your thing to built up. Do you want to say something? Do you wish an article? Do you have questions? Do you want to cooperate more intens? Let us know.

Some of you will find in the Count of Flanders “old known people”. Some of you had or have troubles with each other.  In the Count of Flanders you have to look to what unions us: rebuilt, consolidation and respect for the Working Bouvier.

History will judge our work, what we ALL built up. But if we fail, we’ll be the last witnesses of the disappearing of what was once the proud of Flanders.

Bouvier lovers: FORWARD !!!

Help each other in the training, breeding and taking care of our Best Friends!

It would be stupied to look ONLY to the character. The animals we promote must be HEALTHY and true Bouviers.  So we’ll have to learn to criticise, also OURSELVES.  We may not make the same default of the Show world, who put sand in their own eyes by saying that they breed”beauty& character”.  Via good breeding, it must be possible to “produce” dogs with character & temperament who are healthy.

Of course, the Count of Flanders cannot put right in one year what went wrong for some decennia.  But: the “heads are counted”.  The enthusiasm of the Direction and the members works stimulating.

Let us built together the house: the Working Bouvier House !!!